This Turkish deal is illegal and betrays Europe’s values – The Guardian

Our increasingly divided and desperate European leaders are failing to deliver an effective collective response to the escalating refugee crisis. Instead of devising a strategy to protect those fleeing the barbarity of Assad, Islamic State (Isis) and the Russian air force, EU leaders are obsessed with devising a system to “stem the flow” – in […]

Why Europe should build a ‘Hong Kong’ in Syria – The Week Magazine

Have you noticed that migrants from the Middle East are pouring into Europe? And that this has plunged the continent into a political and social crisis? It seems impossible for Europe, with its stagnating economies and aging population, to integrate these migrants peacefully. Already, they have proved a political boon for far-right and far-left parties […]

European shares surge as ECB delivers; Italy up 3% – CNBC

On Thursday, retailer Carrefour proposed raising its 2015 dividend by 2.9 percent to 0.70 euros a share after operating profit rose 2.4 percent to 2.445 billion euros ($2.68 billion), in line with a Thomson Reuters poll average of 2.45 billion euros, Reuters reported. Its shares were trading 3 percent lower on Thursday making it one […]

EU referendum: Brexit bad for UK, Europe and the world, warns OECD – The Guardian

The west’s leading economic thinktank has provided backing for David Cameron’s pro-EU stance by warning that a UK vote to leave the union would cause lasting damage and would harm the rest of the world. Catherine Mann, the chief economist at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, said a no vote would be “bad […]

Opera’s new browser blocks ads natively – PCWorld

Opera Software has updated its desktop browser to block ads without the need for a plug-in. With its 2.07 percent share of the desktop browser market last month, according to StatCounter, Opera’s move is unlikely to scare advertisers, or website operators dependent on advertising revenue — particularly as the blocker is turned off by default. […]

Nest’s New Features Signal a Shift for the Smart Home – Fortune

Nest is adding two features that will help make its connected products a better fit for the connected home. The first feature uses data from users’ phones to contribute to their home and away settings, and the second lets them add more than one person to the Nest account. This may seem small, but it […]

The Echo From Amazon Brims With Groundbreaking Promise – New York Times

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Master Marshmallow: 12 useful tips for Android 6.0 – Computerworld

Master Marshmallow: 12 useful tips for Android 6.0 – Computerworld

Google’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow release may have been announced last October — but if you’re like the majority of Android users, it’s probably pretty new to you right about now. Heck, you might even still be waiting to receive it! (The joys of Android upgrades, eh?) Whether you’re a Marshmallow newbie or an Android 6.0 […]

Could FBI Turn on Cameras and Microphones Next? – Fortune

Let the FBI in through the backdoor and soon they’ll be peeking through the windows and tapping into the microphones. That was the argument Apple head of online services Eddy Cue put forth on Univision on Wednesday, as he laid into the FBI for pushing the company to help uncover encrypted information on the San […]

US sends 3 B-2 bombers to Asia-Pacific – CNN

“Strategic bomber deployments ensure our ability to project power at a time and place of our choosing and develop strong interoperability with our regional allies and partners,” Robinson said. During an appearance in Australia on Tuesday, Robinson called on that country and others in the region to assert their rights to fly over the South […]