BBC weather is 'severe disappointment' which sacrifices UK for Europe, veteran forecaster says

“Specifically, the BBC’s new weather forecasts, which I have to say, are as disappointing as a downpour in high summer.

“If a weather forecast is supposed to give you a clear idea of what might be in store tomorrow, then the new weather maps, with their state-of- the-art graphics, are a severe disappointment.”

Spelling out the difficulties he had experience, he said: “For a start the UK map appears a lot smaller on screen now.

“You may be able to see much further east into Europe (almost to Stockholm, in fact), but if you want to know what is going on in, say, Southampton, near where I live, then you have your work cut out.”

He added that while some people liked the background colour, he found it “impossible to detect” the difference between cloud and sunshine on screen and does not “for the life of me” understand why night time images have lights on.

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