Brett Favre disputes report that he stunk up his MNF audition

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On Tuesday, the New York Post reported that Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre recently auditioned for the vacant analyst gig on Monday Night Football. Per the report, Favre bombed.

Favre disputed that account via Twitter, making the decision seem like his, not the network’s.

“Wanted to clear something up from today’s press on me & ESPN,” Favre said. “Truth is I had a good meeting about possibly joining the MNF crew. I was intrigued when they called yet not sure I want to pursue a broadcasting career right now. I wish them the best of luck and a great season.”

Favre took a test run at a broadcasting career seven years ago, calling a game between Rice and Southern Miss. It didn’t go well.

With Favre doing nothing to hone his skills since then, it’s no surprise that he wasn’t good enough to waltz right in, gold jacket over his shoulder, and take over one of the most significant gigs in sports broadcasting. It’s also no surprise that Favre would want the narrative to be something other than, “He just doesn’t have it.”

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