Crushing Forehand Power – Tennis Lesson

Step by step how to create crushing forehand power from the baseline by using your kinetic chain correctly, executing a long swing path, and staying loose and relaxed as you hit the ball.

Part 1 in this series focused on forehand accuracy and consistency:

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Here are the Tennis Stereotypes. In this video, you will see the different types of tennis players. These tennis players are at every tennis club and I bet you will recognize some of them. Here is a list of the different tennis stereotypes in this video:

The Come On Guy
The Rule Enforcer Guy
The Sketchy Call Guy
The Grunter
The Self-Talker
The All Gear No Idea Guy
The Ball Opener Guy
The Straight From The 80’s Guy
The One More Set Guy
The Rager
The Injuries Guy
The Bouncer
The No Pockets Guy
The What’s The Score Guy
The Moonballer

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