I'm taking a trip around the world with only a carry-on suitcase — here's everything I packed

(1) Oral-B Toothbrush: I had bought a Radius Scuba toothbrush a month ago to bring on the trip. That toothbrush is supposed to last 9 months (versus most toothbrushes 3 months) and is supposed to better on the gums. Unfortunately, it lasted a week before I lost it. A foreboding sign.

(2) Marvis Whitening Toothpaste: Let me start by saying I rarely, if ever, purchase travel-size items. They’re overpriced and too small. This one I acquired while staying at The Beekman for a story recently. Like Ross Geller (You know you’re a 90’s kid when …) I always stock up on hotel amenities for future trips.

(3) Floss: With apologies to my dentist, and my teeth, I don’t floss often. But I’m trying to change that. If New York me doesn’t floss, maybe I can convince world traveler me to do so.

(4) Marrone Scurro Creme: I recently bought an expensive pair of Italian leather hiking boots (see following slide). This tube of leather cream (?) came with it. I assume it’s for shoe care but I’ll be honest I don’t really know. Might as well bring it.

(5) American Crew Forming Cream: I’m going to be at a lot of business meetings so that means stepping up my hair game. This cream gets my hair to look thick and pushed back without going full American Psycho.

(6) Nioxin Scalp Treatment: Like many men my age, I’m very slowly losing my hair (VERY SLOWLY, thank you).This spray came in a trial pack of other men’s hair products. It says it helps keep your scalp healthy. I’m not holding my breath.

(7) Old Spice Swagger body wash: I know I said I don’t buy travel-size toiletries, but this one was rolling around in the back of my medicine cabinet. I can’t be blamed for what a younger me purchased.

(8) Travel size shampoo and body lotion: I got these on vacation last October in Austria. I told you I stock up at hotels.

(9) Conair Hair Brush: It’s probably time for me to downgrade to a comb as I no longer have Thor-level locks, but I’m holding onto my youth as long as possible, thank you.

(10) Nioxin shampoo and conditioner: This also came in the trial pack. They lie flat so I figured I’d might as well pack them.

(11) Advanced Clinicals Beard Oil: I’ve never been one to use cologne as I find most scents too pungent for my delicate nose. But this sandalwood-scented beard oil serves that purpose while I also making my standard-issue 2010s-era Williamsburg beard nice and soft.

(12) Aquamira water purifier tablets: I’ve been storing this in my toiletry bag for at least a decade and have never used them. Still, it gives me peace of mind to know that if I’m ever caught in the wilderness, I’ll be able to drink from a stream. LOL.

(13) Fa Sport Deodorant: I’ve got nothing interesting to say about this deodorant except that I bought it in Europe and, for some reason, European brands of deodorant come in much smaller packages, which makes them ideal for travel.

(14) Blistex lip balm: I’ll be traveling to western China (Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia provinces) where it is very windy. You’ll see — this one is going to come in handy,.

(15) Wahl beard trimmer: The benefit of having a beard means not having to carry razors and shaving cream. The downside: you need a bulky electric trimmer to keep it professional-looking.

(16) Ibuprofen: Don’t be fooled. This miniature bottle of Ibuprofen also contains Imitrex for my migraines, which is a loving condition I was gifted when I turned 27. This bottle has since been moved to my backpack after suffering a migraine on my New York to Hong Kong flight.

(17) Moleskin: No, not the notebook. Moleskin is possibly one of the most clutch items to keep in your travel bag. After walking for days on end, you are bound to get blisters on your feet. Slap the Moleskine over them and you won’t feel them.

(18) Gold Bond Anti Itch Cream: Chafing is an eternal traveler condition. This tingling bottle of relief mitigates the issue.

(19) Antibiotic ointment (i.e. Neosporin): I usually carry a full first-aid kit on hiking trips. I plan to do some hiking during this trip, but I just don’t have the space for the kit. This will have to do.

(20) Eco Soap Bar: I will never run out of travel-size amenities. Trust me. I’m a squirrel storing nuts for winter.

(21) CVS bandages: You never know when you are going to cut yourself. Particularly when you are a klutz like me.

(22) Tums: Eating a lot of strange foods and drinking a fair amount — sounds like a recipe for a stomach ache, eh?

(23) Malaria pills: I’m not sure if these are really necessary, but I will be in Southeast Asia next month and my doctor wrote the prescription.

(24) Z-Pac: It’s always a good idea to have antibiotics on hand. Most food and drinks are made with water stocked with foreign bacteria. Your immune system is not always going to be able to fight them off.

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