Network love the new pictures of Jupiter clouds

Сеть в восторге от новой фотографии туч ЮпитераWhile Juno continued to photograph Jupiter from different angles, the scientists on Earth are working to give the beauty of the images and learn the fine details of the face of the planet.

Recently, the spacecraft Juno made a stunning (if rather crude) pictures of the cloud front of Jupiter. Scientists Gerald Eichstad and Sayn of Dorani processed and turned into real works of art.

In this picture the clouds of Jupiter resemble liquid marbles, shimmering in different colors. According to NASA Juno took this photo during the 13th flyby around the planet at a distance of 15.5 km from the upper boundary of the clouds.

The brightness of clouds can distinguish between different cloud levels. More bright areas correspond to clouds that are higher than others, while the dark sail much lower. The brightness of the clouds is likely to render the mixture of ammonia and water.

The really unique: the Earth’s intricate details not seen, and in terrestrial telescopes cloud front of Jupiter is just a white Mirage.

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