Prime Minister Abe starts Middle East tour

Prime Minister Abe starts Middle East tour

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is starting his Middle East tour to strengthen relationships with countries in the region from the viewpoint of energy security.

In his 5-day tour until May 3rd, Abe will visit the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Israel and Palestine.

In the UAE, he is expected to beef up ties with the nation in various fields including energy supply. In Jordan, Abe will convey his intention to support the country’s efforts to accept refugees from neighboring Syria where a fierce civil war is ongoing.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister will show Japan’s policy to actively contribute to Middle East peace by providing aid for the economic independence of Palestinians. Abe will be the first world leader among major countries to visit Israel as well as Palestine since the United States recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital last December.

The US administration is expected to move its Embassy in Israel to the holy city next month.

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