Rob Gronkowski rumors: Patriots shoot down wildly explosive trade report

It took roughly four months, but it looks like the NFL offseason has finally gone off the rails, and all it took was 12 straight hours of Rob Gronkowski trade rumors. 

Let’s start this story at the very beginning, because it might be impossible to understand if we don’t. The Rob Gronkowski trade rumors actually started on Thursday after someone on Reddit (RedditLover1981) claimed that they had some huge Patriots news that they were going to release on Friday night. 

Normally, most Patriots fans probably wouldn’t care about a rumor on Reddit, but they cared about this one because the guy posting the rumor appeared to break some huge news earlier in the week. You see, RedditLover1981 was the first one to mention that Julian Edelman would be suspended. RedditLover1981 had the news on Wednesday, a full 24 hours before ESPN eventually reported it. Although he eventually admitted that he guessed the Edelman suspension was going to happen — and didn’t actually have any sources — people were already buying his every word. 

After dropping the Edelman nugget, people started wondering what RedditLover1981’s big story would be on Friday, and that’s when the craziness started in the New England area. Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports got retweeted more than 1,000 times when he mentioned the possibility that Gronk might be traded. 

Gronk’s brother, Chris, definitely wasn’t buying what Portnoy was selling. 

Of course, the thing about the Gronk rumors is that they’re believable, especially after what happened this offseason. For one, there have been multiple reports over the past three months suggesting that Gronk is unhappy in New England. 

According to an report from April, Gronk is having issues with Belichick. On March 1, NBC Sports in Boston reported that Gronk felt “singled out” and “persecuted” by the coaching staff last year. Another report from March suggested that Belichick was making Gronk “miserable” during the 2017 season.

Things are so tenuous between Gronk and the team that one of the most respected beat reporters in New England, Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston, acknowledged the possibility that Gronk could be gone when someone on Twitter asked if the tight end might be traded. 

However, later in the day, Curran tweeted out that no Gronk deal was “imminent.”

Of course, that tweet is open for interpretation with the key word being “imminent.” If could mean that a Gronk trade happens, it’s just not going to happen soon. 

With the Gronk trade off the table, the obvious question became: Were the Patriots ever seriously trying to deal him on Friday? 

If you believe former Boston Herald reporter Adam Kurkijan, then the answer is yes. Kurkijan dropped a bombshell of a report on Friday night that’s so crazy, you might not be able to sleep this weekend if you read it. 

Brady retiring?

Closed door meeting? 

Gronk in San Francisco? (He did say he wanted to play for the 69ers). 

After Kurkijan’s report came out, the Patriots finally released a statement

“I would say with the utmost confidence that none of that is true. None of it,” the team said. 

Scott Zolak, who works for the team’s flagship radio station, also added that there is “100 percent” no talks of trading Gronk. 

Basically, it sounds like this all means that Gronk isn’t getting traded, Brady isn’t retiring and the Patriots are probably going to get to the Super Bowl for the third straight year. On the other hand, maybe the Patriots are just waiting until Saturday to trade Gronk because nothing would be more fitting than trading him on 6/9. 

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