'SNL': 'Rex Tillerson' On Getting Fired By Trump — I Was Let Go By A Man Who Sold Steaks In The Mail

‘Saturday Night Live’ just took a hilarious shot at Donald Trump over Secret of State Rex Tillerson’s firing! Take a look!

Saturday Night Live are the masters of casting the world’s greatest actors to play political figures. Larry David as Bernie Sanders is genius. Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer was hilarious. And Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump is already a piece of history! However, they might have just outdone themselves. During the cold opening on March 17, they set up a round table discussion on Anderson Cooper 360 covering Secretary of State Rex Tillerson‘s firing. And who did they get to play him? Why, John Goodman! And he delivered this insane line: “It’s just crazy how one day your the CEO of Exxon, a $50 billion company. And the next day you get fired by a man who used to sell steaks in the mail.” That’s when he crushes a glass in his hand! Yet another truly unforgettable opening from this hilarious crew! Head here for loads more images from season 43 of the comedy show!

Although Alec Baldwin‘s Trump has become synonymous with SNL in recent days, the sketch comedy delivered one of their greatest cold openings ever on March 10 and the pseudo POTUS wasn’t involved! Not directly at least! In the heels of The Bachelor‘s shocking finale in which Arie Luyendyk Jr., 36, broke up with Becca Kufrin, 27, in an excruciating prolonged conversation. Except in this version, Becca (played by Cecily Strong, 34) was sitting down with Special Counsel Robert Mueller (played by Kate McKinnon, 34) to discuss his inability to commit to a case of collusion against the polarizing president! Of course, it played out exactly like The Bachelor!

The reality is that I don’t think I can give you everything that you want right now,” Mueller says, just as Arie did when calling it quits. Then he adds: “And I think you’ve sensed that.” “So what, you don’t have Trump on collusion,” Becca asks. Robert responds: “I just think I need to explore the possibility that I have a stronger case with some other stuff.” Later, Becca asks if there’s any good news at all. Robert asks, “Do you own American steel?” OMG!

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