UK Weather: UK hotter than parts of AFRICA before heavy SNOW and -10 chill HITS

Meteorologist, Marco Petagna said: “A few showers will push their way in.”

Cloud and rain will sweep across the southeastern areas but will gradually clear as the day progresses.

Mr Petagna said: “With those clear skies it will turn quite cold and we will see widespread frost.”

He went on to add that “temperatures should stay well above freezing”.

The Meteorologist said:“After they grey and fairly dull start, skies will brighten up as we go through the morning.

“Some sunshine will develop for the afternoon.”

“There will still be lots of showers around, and elsewhere lots of sunshine after a cold start.”

There will be plenty of sunshine in some areas, although scattered showers will affect northwestern areas.

These will become more widespread as we move through the day into the afternoon.

But it will feel pleasant in the sunshine.

Cloud patches will appear as we go into the afternoon in the Midlands and Wales.

Mr Petagna said: “Temperatures in the sunshine in the southeast should be around 12c or 13c.

“It will be a bit cooler towards the northeast, around 9 or 10 degrees.”

This will mean that the UK is hotter than parts of Africa, with Constantine, in Algeria peaking at 8 degrees and Marion Island in South Arica reaching highs of 7 degrees.

Kasserine in Tunisia will also only experience highs of 12 degrees.

As we move into this evening, northern Scotland will be battered with showers but these will ease into Monday morning.

A few fog patches will form once again.

“Into Monday, again a very chilly start to the day nationwide.

“I think we will see a lot of frost to start the working week.

“There will be one or two showers, but on the whole, a pretty good start to the week.”

Northern Ireland will be generally cloudy with rain arriving through the morning.

This band of rain and freshening winds will affect most western areas through the afternoon.

Eastern areas will remain largely dry until the evening, however.

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